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Our research group is working on (1) solution-processed solar cells, including pervoskite solar cell, non-fullerene based organic solar cells and green processing of solar cells, (2) organic thin film transistors and their applications in wearable devices and sensors, (3) conductive polymers for transparent conductive film and thermoelectric generator.  Our lab is located at Southern University of Science and Technology, Taizhou- Shenzhen Innovation Center.

Perovskite and Organic Solar Cells

Flexible/stretchable devices for wearable electronics

Organic Thermoelectric



31.05.2018   Congratulations Yujia Sheng, Hongjie Xie and Wenlu Xuan on winning third prize in Capstone Design Project



18.02.2019    Li Xianqiang and Li Wenhui's work on defect passivation of perovskite with Dithienobenzodithiophene-based  

                      conjugated polymer is accepted for publication at Solar RRL


12.02.2019    Meng Fei and Lai Xue's work on dopant-free hole transporting material is selected as cover page of Solar RRL.

                      Thank Prof Li Gongqiang (Nanjin Tech) for collaboration.


24.01.2019    Our collaborative work with the group of Prof Prashant Sonar (Queensland University of Technology) is accepted

                      for publication in Energy & Environmental Science (IF 30.067), Congratulations Xianqiang and Wenhui!  link


31.10.2018    Our collaborative work with the group of Prof Yasuhiko Hayashi (Okayama University) is accepted for publication

                in RSC Advances



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